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Telephone calling cards

Telephone calling cardsIf you travel a lot then it is likely that you have used telephone calling cards before. When we think of telephone calling cards the first thing that pops in our mind is the plastic card with the toll free number and hidden pin on it. Well a lot has changed with technology including the telephone calling cards and while you can still find the plastic ones there are many other options available to choose from.

Telephone calling cards are usually available in stores or some specific kind can also be purchased online. Usually the store purchased cards are prepaid cards with the amount written on them. The cards purchased online don’t actually need you to have a plastic card with you, and you will be emailed the associated phone numbers and PIN numbers and available balance so that you can start using them. While some telephone calling cards can be recharged by using some method of top up, others need to be discarded once their prepaid balance is exhausted.

Let’s take a look at how the telephone calling cards work. Telephone calling cards work on a remote memory system and usually need the user to dial a phone number on the card before calling the number they actually want to talk to. This number could be a regular phone number or a toll free number. If it is a toll free number then it is paid for by the company and you are not charged for that call.

Once this call is connected, you would be asked to key in your PIN number. Once this is entered the system will search for the database to check the amount of balance remaining on the card. Some telephone calling cards actually verbally tell the amount of balance left on the card. Once you know the balance then you can dial the desired phone number and make you call. You may or may not be notified the available balance on the telephone calling cards at the end of the call. But usually most of the cards announce low balance before they disconnect you.

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Telephone calling cards are very useful for travelers who are just there for a few days and cannot buy a prepaid phone card. You can just purchase telephone calling cards from a store and can start using them immediately. There are telephone cards for local, national and international calling and hence it is a very convenient means of calling your loved ones even if you are far away.

The telephone cards purchased online do not need the physical presence of a card and can be topped up anytime using credit card or debit card or even auto top up facility. This method eliminates the need to go to a store and you can just buy a card and start using it from your home. Some telephone calling cards can also be associated with your landline telephone number or cell phone number and you don’t have to use a PIN to make calls.

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