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Phone service providers

Phone service providersThere are many phone service providers in each country including those for landline and those providing mobile or cell phone services. Phone is an indispensible tool and we often find ourselves helpless and even bored if we do not have a phone. Phone service providers for landline and mobile service have each to follow long list of rules in order to provide this service.

The phone service providers for cell phones have to have radio spectrum license from the government in order to be allowed to be phone service providers for cell phones in the country. They should be able to acquire the type of spectrum that is needed for the deployment of their particular technology. Like the 2G spectrum is used for 2G phones and Global system for mobile solutions or GSM provider would require a GSM frequency range. These spectrums are usually auction between the phone service providers and generated lots of funds for the government.

The landline phone service providers provide phone services where phones are actually physically connected via intricate network of cables. These are called fixed lines or landline as they need to be in the same place and unlike cell phones can be blocked out during power failure etc. They work on radio waves and the phone service providers for landlines have been around for a long time.

A phone service provider for cell phone should also have other necessary equipments to support this technology and provide flawless service. Also the billing and customer service centers need to be set up in order to provide proper customer support.

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There are a lot of phone service providers in all countries and this has given rise to a lot of competition. The phone service providers have to constantly come up with new plans and offers to lure in new customers and also to keep the existing ones in their network. This is good as the customer can choose from multiple phone service providers. Also now with new technology it is possible to keep your cell phone number and still change your phone service provider. So if you are not happy with your service be it network problems or just bad customer service then you can just switch to another phone service provider without changing your number.

The landline phone providers usually have to give their customers printed phoned books every year as the landline numbers come under the public domain. The mobile phone service provider do not have any such obligations as your cell phone is your private number and need not be published anywhere. The mobile phone service providers often give sell the access of their database to telemarketing companies and also to reverse phone look up services. If you do not want your number and details to be given away to strangers then you will have to specifically request that to the phone service provider to keep your number and personal details private. This will prevent any unwanted calls for unwanted things.

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