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Phone company book

Phone company bookA phone company book is a telephone directory that has to be updated every year and given to the customers. We have all seen the huge heavy phone company books that come at our door step each year. These books are specific to the certain geographical region and the phone service provider has to print different books for each region. But these phone company books are a great way to find numbers and even addresses if you have the name of the person.

The phone company books have been around for a long time and each book contains names and numbers listed alphabetically. So if you want to search a name in the phone company book then it would be similar to searching a word in a directory. This is pretty simple and fast way to look up name and number of people in your area, if they use that particular phone service provider. Also sometimes there can be more than one person of the same name. This is where the addresses come in handy. So if you know the person’s name and address then you can find a perfect match for the phone number.

The phone company books are divided into sections or even different books and are referred by their color like yellow pages or white pages. While white pages are usually used for listing of personal number of individuals the yellow pages are used to list the phone numbers of business. This also is done is alphabetical order, but under each different business or profession head. So if you are looking for an electrician, you can use the yellow pages and once to reach the section for electricians you will find many businesses listed under that heading. The phone company book makes it simple to get numbers of multiple businesses and compare the availability and prices. Some phone companies in some countries also have a concept called gray pages which is used for going reverse phone lookup.

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The phone company books are printed and distributed to each customer every year and if we consider all phone companies in the whole world then that counts for thousands of trees that are processed into paper. To tackle this kind of environmental hazard the phone company book can now be found on the internet or in the form of CDs to reduce the use of paper. Many people can opt out from getting the phone company book each year and can access the same information on various websites like whitepages, smartpages and even on google. If you have the person’s name and if that person owns a landline number then you will quite likely find it on the internet. You can also find phone numbers on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, myspace etc. Also the phone companies offer to take back the previous year’s phone company book for recycling when they bring you the new book in the drive to save environment and trees. So be a part of it.

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