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Mobile phone records

Mobile phone recordsYou might need mobile phone records of family, children, friends or people you know form many number of reasons. So if you are wondering how to get the mobile phone records of a person then there are a few ways you can opt for depending upon whose records you are trying to access.

Getting mobile phone records might be very necessary in cases where someone goes missing. If someone you know is missing then you can ask the mobile phone company to give you the mobile phone records of this person. This way you can find out the last few calls made by the person and can get some idea where they can be. To get the mobile phone records in missing person’s case you might have to file a police report and send that copy of the report to the mobile service provider. You might as well get the police officer talk directly to the company to speed up the process. The mobile company might even help get the location of the mobile phone and hence the person (in case the person still has the phone) by using the GPS navigation.

If you want to get mobile phone records of the family member like kids or spouse then also you can get them directly from the service provider. You may need these records to keep a tab of whom your kids are talking to or if you suspect that your spouse is making any secret phone calls. You will not have much trouble getting your hands on these mobile phone records but you might have to spend some money. Also if you get a paper bill every month and have a family plan then you would get details of every phone call made from each phone in the plan. So if you just keep these safely you can refer to the mobile phone records of any family member from previous months. You can even see them on the internet if you get a paperless bill. You account number and password will be able to give you mobile phone records of all the people in the family plan and of all the months. This way you will not end up paying money for something that you can get for free.

Remember that pretending to be someone’s family member or friend and trying to get mobile phone records of the co- workers or people you know is illegal and can be punishable.

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To get mobile phone records of people who are involved in a court case with you will need more paperwork and effort. Mobile phone records can be submitted as evidence in court and hence one can get subpoena to get mobile phone records of the people involved in a court case.

There are some websites which offer to provide mobile phone records for any cell phone number. The charges are ranging from $50 -$250 and hence should be used if absolutely necessary. This is not illegal but might be considered unethical.

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