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Heavy weight directory books

Heavy weight directory booksWe all have seen the heavy weight directory books that come at our door step every year with the updates. The directory books or the phone books are very useful means of finding the phone numbers of the subscribers. These books have the listing of the subscribers within the geographical area boundaries decided by the telephone company. These heavy weight directory books come in handy to find out the phone number and address of a person if he is the subscriber.

These heavy weight directory books have number listing in alphabetical order and you can search the name like you search a word in a dictionary. Once you reach the place where the name would be, you might find several listing of the same name, which happens because of common first and last names. In this case you can also see corresponding addresses and sometime also professions which can help you to short list from the large list. If the name is unique then you might not face this problem and can get the number directly. The heavy weight directory books are very useful to efficiently finding numbers of people if you have lost those numbers

These heavy weight directory books are also called by their color as yellow pages or white pages. White pages are usually the personal numbers while yellow pages provide the list of numbers of businesses. The businesses are usually classified under larger heads like technician, beauticians etc. Each of the business is then listed alphabetically under each head. The heavy weight directory books also provide reverse phone look up in some countries although it is not the common practice everywhere. The other important numbers in these books are the lists of all the important emergency, information and helpline numbers. The numbers of public places like public museums or libraries are also listed in these heavy weight directory books.

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Then technology and internet has made it possible to eliminate the need of heavy weight directory books, by making the phone listing available online or in the form or CDs. Converting the heavy weight directory books into electronic form save space and most importantly saves paper. Thousands of trees are cut every year for publishing of these heavy weight directory books and having a CD or internet listing is a great way to save environment.

Also there are numerous other ways to find numbers by names or the other way round. There are helpline numbers of the telephone providers where in you can call and get number by name. You can also use the phone lookup or reverse phone lookup service to find the telephone number from name. This service is free for landline numbers and may cost you for cell phone numbers. You can look up numbers on Google, Whitepages, Smartpages and other popular sites. You can also find numbers from popular social networking websites like Facebook, twitter and myspace and all of this can practically eliminate the need of the heavy weight directory books.

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