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Essential phone call

Essential phone callIf you are travelling to a different city or a different country entering essential phone call numbers in your cell phone would be a great way to ensure a safe trip and one with assistance. Even if you don’t have a cell phone it would be advisable to make a list of essential phone call numbers on a piece of paper and keep it safely in your wallet or purse. This information would come in handy for you if you find yourself lost or delayed.

There are various essential phone call numbers that you should have with you all the time. One of the most important one if you are an international traveler is to know the emergency telephone number of that country. Although these numbers are usually easy to remember and very small, it is best that you have them with you to make a quick and efficient call in the moment of need. Another essential phone call number for the international traveler would be of the nearest embassy or consulate. In case you lose you id or travel document because of robbery or any other reason then you might want to contact your country’s consulate to know the right steps to be taken in such situations.

When you are travelling to a different place then one of the essential phone call numbers that you need to keep safely is the hotel number. You might need to talk to the hotel staff for getting direction if you are having trouble finding it. You might also need to inform them of any delays or changes in the plan. Another essential phone call number to be saved would be of the local cab service like yellow cab will be very beneficial to call a cab anytime and anywhere in the city.

You should also have the number of the airline and your flight number with you to check of delays, weather and baggage issues. This would be very helpful especially in cases of bad weather when flights get delayed or cancelled. You might also need airport assistance number in case you go to the wrong airport or need help getting to or from the airport.

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You might also want to have other essential phone call numbers like those of the information center, tourist guidance center, etc. These numbers would provide guidance to the traveler at anytime and are usually open for 24 x 7 and also have translator services for numerous languages. So even if you do not speak the local language these helpline would be able to help you.

The other essential phone call numbers that you should have are of the places you visit. If you plan to do any sightseeing and see any particular spots like museums, monuments or theatres then also storing their number in you cell phone would be very helpful if you find it difficult to reach that place. Also this way you can make sure that you have the note of visiting hours so that your trip doesn’t go waste.

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